64bits Sun’s Java Plugin with JRE for ArchLinux

Like everyone knows, the officially distributed Sun’s Java, doesn’t brings an internet browser plugin for x86_64 arch. You should have a good solution with OpenJDK, but it just doesn’t works properly with some authentication systems, like our Banco do Brasil (public Brazilian Bank).

But now, me and Paulo Matias have decided compile the one that was available and working (btw, it is used on BSD’s systems), meaning source-codes, and we made our own sun-jre WITH browser plugin!

The whole thing was a little bit complicated and slow. We used basically what was available for FreeBSD and NetBSD and we have been adapting for our ArchLinux. We did need a lot of disk space and a bit of patience. But, like almost everything is automated by PKGBUILD, our work had been more simple. Let’s work:

First thing we need is the source codes, how it can’t be redistribuited because of the JRL licence, we need download it manually, getting around 125MB.

File: bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2
Link: http://www.eyesbeyond.com/freebsddom/java/JDK16JRLConfirm.html
What is it: “Patchset 4″

File: jdk-6u3-fcs-bin-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
Link: http://www.java.net/download/jdk6/6u3/promoted/b05/jdk-6u3-fcs-bin-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
What is it: “JDK Binaries for Source Build 6u3″

File: jdk-6u3-fcs-src-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
Link: http://www.java.net/download/jdk6/6u3/promoted/b05/jdk-6u3-fcs-src-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
What is it: “JDK 6u3 Source under the JRL license”

File: jdk-6u3-fcs-mozilla_headers-b05-unix-24_sep_2007.jar
Link: http://www.java.net/download/jdk6/6u3/promoted/b05/jdk-6u3-fcs-mozilla_headers-b05-unix-24_sep_2007.jar
What is it: “Mozilla Binaries for Source Build 6u3 (Unix)”

Download all in the same directory and get the sun-jdk-jrl tarball from AUR. Follow with the work:

$ wget http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/sun-jdk-jrl/sun-jdk-jrl.tar.gz

$ tar -vzxf sun-jdk-jrl.tar.gz

Atention, the process below needs around 4GB of disk space to finish compile. So, release some space for the directory where you want compile to finish the process. after compiled and installed, you can erase this directory. Another thing is you need accept the licences before start the compile process, so, pay atention for them before continue.

$ makepkg -c

Done, the package was build. Should exists a file sun-jdk-jrl-VERSION-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz inside the directory, is just install it with pacman:

# pacman -U sun-jdk-jrl-6u3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz

To prove that really work , below are some screenshots from my browser running the Banco do Brasil website:

Virtual Keyboard

Teclado Virtual

Making transfers

Fazendo transferências

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2 Responses to “64bits Sun’s Java Plugin with JRE for ArchLinux”

  1. Jeferson Lopes BRAZIL Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 Says:

    Que massa!

    Vou poder voltar a utilizar o LogMeIn (logmein.com) sem recorrer a gambiarras.

    Kessia… perfeito seu artigo, parabéns e valeu pela clareada aqui na mente.

  2. Gökalp TURKEY Linux Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Says:

    Hey there, thanks for the work !

    Unfortunately, seems like JDK JRL tarball has been removed from AUR. Is there any other place I can get it ?